CMN Title and Acquisitions performs extensive and complete research of the courthouse records to ensure the results you request are performed accurately.



Due Diligence

Mineral Title

Surface Title


Right of Way + Land

CMN Title and Acquisitions takes an honest and personal approach with landowners to best represent our clients. We take pride in making sure this process is performed accurately and diligently to ensure the project is successful without any interruptions in quality or service.


Negotiation & Acquisition

Private Right of Way Research

Public Right of Way Research/Locate

Survey Permission


Route Development


Pipeline Negotiation and Acquisition

Ingress/Egress Agreements

Document Recordation

Damage Negotiations

Oil & Gas

CMN Title and Acquisitions demonstrates competence, proficiency and professionalism from start to finish. We have the capability to ensure our client’s expectations are exceeded and timelines are met.  From lease checks through exploration, to having production established, we are here to assist you in every facet of the process.


Due Diligence

Mineral Title Research

Surface Title Research



Mineral History

Production History

Lease Negotiation and Acquisition


Surface Damage Settlement


We assist you in getting through the red tape.  CMN Title and Acquisitions has forged close relationships and gained experience in working with federal, state and private agencies to support our client’s projects.


Field evaluations

Document Preparation

Sketch Preparation


DOTD Permits

Railroad Permit Applications

Local & Federal Levee Crossings

FAA Permitting

Other Services

CMN Title and Acquisitions makes certain that we can assist our clients through the entire job, while assuring it will be completed on time and project costs kept at a minimum.



Appraisal Services

Forestry Services

Environmental Studies and SWPPP Plans

We are always looking for opportunities to expand our services and broaden our areas of specialization. Contact us to discuss your particular project needs.